Oh Warm Lunch of Bygone Days

By Bhuvi M

Oh Bhaat, Dal, Aloo Bhujiya,
Three ladle of steaming bhaat,
Two of boiled arhar dal,
A handful of aloo bhujiya,
Was all that cradled my soul.
Bhaat: boiled & drained rice, sparkling,
White, each grain separate on plate,
Dal: split pigeon peas boiled with salt and
Turmeric, tempered with cumin seeds,
Aloo bhujya: my humble fried potatoes,
Were crisp french fries in mustard oil.
Even if this combo with,
Some twists and turns,
Was on table every day for lunch,
It still is the best meal I had till date,
That brought inexplicable comfort to soul.
To have it and run out to play,
Or to play with my dolls,
At times to get back to books,
And complete the homework.
When I tried gulping in hurry,
My Grandfather said, “Go on easy
With meals, else you will choke”
I want you back my soul soothing meals,
Oh Bhaat, Dal & Aloo Bhujiya,
I want those times back again!!

Note: Day 10, Writing 101: Happy Childhood Lunch by the Daily Post

O Loneliness

By Bhuvi M

I get up in the morning,

Alone in the bed;

I glance all around,

To find there is no one,

To say good day;

I pull myself to start afresh,

As I stride through,

The daily chores;

As I talk to myself,

Ahead the day seems bore.


I leave the house,

My heart ekes out,

With the loneliness,

Seeded deep within;

I walk to work slowly,

On the way I see,

People with smile,

Seemingly happy ways;

Are they all not,

Lone as always!!

Mirage of Life

By Bhuvi M

It seems to exist,
Evades you soon,
You try to chase,
It tries to fool.

Gives you hope,
To move ahead,
Shining jewel,
The end is dead.

Heart and mind,
Both trusts still,
Though soul sits,
On window sill.

Beautiful bird,
Just wants to fly,
To breathe at ease,
Up in the sky.

No bondage,
No feeling,
Neither crying,
Nor Pain.

Till born again,
Born again,
Elusive mirage,
Feel the pain.

Dedicated to an Unknown Relationship

By Bhuvi M

This Saturday morning I got up late. Idling time 
in bed,I wanted to be near you; hold your hand, 
sit and just smile. I don’t know who you are but
I’m sure you are somewhere. The day seemed 
promising ahead. Happy myself, I picked up my 
writing board and wrote:

He will be the man,
I’ll love the most;
In a corner of the world,
He does exist;
One day I will,
Come across.

The glint of the eyes,
Gait of the walk;
A peck, a hug,
The way we stand,
For each other,
Feelings reflected.

With time fondness grows,
No matter,
Differences we have.
Amidst obligations,
And life situations;
Love and understanding grows.

The feelings deepens,
It needs an effort;
Mundane it may get,
There are ways,
To make it of interest;
I promise; I’ll do.

(Dedicated to an Unknown Relationship)


By Bhuvi M







At the edge of the eyes gleams drop of tear,

Bright & shining as ever, it is without fear;

It rolls down the cheek with lots of feeling,

Leaves mind fresh and heart healing.


A modest beginning from deep sorrow in heart,

It moves up as lump in the throat;

Over brimming through the eyes,

Leaving a heart so light, soon it flies.


Is it a pearl or diamond, I need to ask,

That begets from dirt & murk;

The lightness it leaves behind,

Heaves the heart and lightens the mind.


Strong emotions drown in a small drop,

Cleanse the soul, soon the feelings flip-flop;

Darling to devour endless pain,

Gives a moment to be bright again.