Oh Warm Lunch of Bygone Days

By Bhuvi M

Oh Bhaat, Dal, Aloo Bhujiya,
Three ladle of steaming bhaat,
Two of boiled arhar dal,
A handful of aloo bhujiya,
Was all that cradled my soul.
Bhaat: boiled & drained rice, sparkling,
White, each grain separate on plate,
Dal: split pigeon peas boiled with salt and
Turmeric, tempered with cumin seeds,
Aloo bhujya: my humble fried potatoes,
Were crisp french fries in mustard oil.
Even if this combo with,
Some twists and turns,
Was on table every day for lunch,
It still is the best meal I had till date,
That brought inexplicable comfort to soul.
To have it and run out to play,
Or to play with my dolls,
At times to get back to books,
And complete the homework.
When I tried gulping in hurry,
My Grandfather said, “Go on easy
With meals, else you will choke”
I want you back my soul soothing meals,
Oh Bhaat, Dal & Aloo Bhujiya,
I want those times back again!!

Note: Day 10, Writing 101: Happy Childhood Lunch by the Daily Post


Impact of Survival

“It is said that every incident you survive makes you strong. No, the truth is every incident you survive means you have just sailed it through and survived. It can make you strong, feel weak or lead to being indifferent.”

– Bhuvi M, Tapestry of Life & Soul

A Walk

By Bhuvi M

Since long I’ve been thinking of resuming to my morning walks. Today morning I was able to pull myself out of the bed. Hurriedly, I freshened up, changed, slipped into my walking shoes and stepped out. As I started walking, I felt morning chill. It was still dark, dawn yet to break. The air had moisture from the last night’s showers. I could feel the dampness against my skin.

The tranquility of early morning was a blessing. The silence was singing its song that I could hear. Calmness was soothing my mind which loses focus so easily. It was an inexplicable feeling. The smell of calm fresh air was feeding my soul. The life of cities hardly gives a choice to have it at any other time of the day.

As I proceeded, I saw a very few of early risers of neighborhood. In today’s world most are late night owls rather than morning risers. They were busy with their walks and exercise routines.

I could hear the birds chirping. It was a lovely feeling. The watch dogs were up and occasionally barking at unknown vehicles. The barking dogs as well as the noise from early morning vehicles were irritants for mind, disturbing the calmness. By that time I’d reached the walking track in the park. As I walked further, a few pebbles on the track was rustling whenever my shoes established a contact with them. They were music to ears.

As I increased the speed, my heart was filled with morning freshness. I continued walking for another quarter-hour. There were gold of daybreak on the horizon. I loved it. By that time my heart and mind was satiated with freshness, beauty and the nature around. I slowed down and decided to return with an exhilarating experience.

Happy Walking!!

Note: Day 1, Writing 101: Unlock the Mind by the Daily Post