Dedicated to an Unknown Relationship

By Bhuvi M

This Saturday morning I got up late. Idling time 
in bed,I wanted to be near you; hold your hand, 
sit and just smile. I don’t know who you are but
I’m sure you are somewhere. The day seemed 
promising ahead. Happy myself, I picked up my 
writing board and wrote:

He will be the man,
I’ll love the most;
In a corner of the world,
He does exist;
One day I will,
Come across.

The glint of the eyes,
Gait of the walk;
A peck, a hug,
The way we stand,
For each other,
Feelings reflected.

With time fondness grows,
No matter,
Differences we have.
Amidst obligations,
And life situations;
Love and understanding grows.

The feelings deepens,
It needs an effort;
Mundane it may get,
There are ways,
To make it of interest;
I promise; I’ll do.

(Dedicated to an Unknown Relationship)

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